Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Holiday writing

this may include: Nathan's crazy Pokémon go space car liam playing the piano while sword fighting Me jumping on top of patrick Fake science Playing tag while jumping on trampolines Liam screming at his phone the crazy portable game And more Finally this is the holidays I can have a rest from school work not that I dislike school work but everybody needs a break some time's. For the first week of the holidays I'm babysited it by Emma I can't wait till Friday because on Friday we get to go to flip city my with my friend Patrick and even beter then that my brother is having his birthday! And I have to buy presents for him at Toyworld I know exactly what to buy him. I will give him some minecraft lego and some angry birds. Four days later... It's friday!Alec Loves his presents and we get to go to flip city when Patrick arive's he asks if Toby could come allong I said it would be fine if he could meet us there and sure enough we meet him there we played tag on trampolines, jumped on patrick and jumped away form crazy people it was loads of fun because of how enthusiastic and funny Patrick is. For the second week of the holidays we looked after by liam and Nathan the good thing about that is that they play game with us which we love Genruls you're probably reading this and yelling what is that well it's sort,a like ball tag but when the ball hit's you you're in but you can't use the ball the other person keeps the ball but you have to use your hand's. For starters we just play around the playground but sometimes we go around the whole school Liam is the funniest person ever even funnier than Patrick!liam And Nathan like to light sabre fight us good Thing we've got light sabre's! Liam and Nathan always bring a game called portal 2 where you've got a gun which shoots portals and you've got to solve puzzles or make your own puzzle and try it out Alec went to a little crazy with that bit we also play with the lego together Nathan made a crazy space car told us FAKE science and called it the Pokémon go space car Nathan is a little crazy. And we spent the rest of the week enjoying ourselves in till it was school.

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